Why Google’s Paid +Post Ads will Change Social Advertising

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On December 9, Google announced the release of +Post ads, a new breed of advertising which allows brands to turn their Google+ posts into expandable display ads. Oh so just like Facebook Sponsored Stories / Promoted Posts you say? Not quite, even better! The difference with these ads will be that sure they’ll appear on [...]

Creating Free Visual Assets To Boost Your Engagement

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Let’s face it, we’re all visual creatures at the end of the day so adding images to your social media campaigns or blog posts will have a stronger impact when seeking user engagement BUT we’ve got to use the right images and also keep them interesting.  There’s no point adding a boring image which doesn’t [...]

Managing Google+ Relationships through Circles

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One of the prominent features of Google+ is this concept of ‘Circles’. Circles is Google’s way of managing online relationships based on how you know someone by placing them in your relevant circle.  By managing your circles effectively, you end up sharing the right content with the right people and also only see information which [...]

The Hootlet: Social Sharing for Lazy Professionals

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If you’re like most business owners, you probably spend a lot of time each day searching for valuable content that you’d want to share with your audience on your social networks. Even though you can copy and paste each link into the status update window, it’s a slow manual process, especially when you’d like to [...]

Google Authorship Issues: Why Am I Not Showing Up?

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Undoubtedly, implementing Google’s Authorship markup provides great benefits for your site, in terms of increased CTR, brand reputation and authority. Once you claim your Google+ account, it’s relatively easy to setup the authorship functionality and have your mug show up next to your link the SERPs. So you’ve finally setup your Google Authorship Markup and [...]

7 Reasons Why Google+ Marrying YouTube Makes Sense

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As announced in September, YouTube has upgraded its commenting system and is now fully integrated with Google+. Perhaps the most critical part of the change is that if you want to comment on a YouTube video, you’ll need to have a Google+ account. Reactions have been mixed across the online community with some showing their [...]

How Hashtags Have Helped Attract More Followers

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Hashtags have been around for some time now, and you’ve probably used them a few times to hook up to the thought of the moment or find content related to a certain topic. According to a recent study by RadiumOne over 70% of users on social media sites use hashtags in their posts. More and more companies [...]

What Do Google’s In-Depth Articles Mean For You?

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The majority of readers are in a hurry, but according to Google there is still that 10 percent of users who use the internet to find in-depth answers to their most pressing questions. And, these readers aren’t satisfied by those quick grab-and-go blogs or articles on the internet. That is why Google released the new [...]

Promoted Pins: Are you Pinteresting?

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Pinterest popularity has spun out of control since 2012 and what was originally a pin board for women has turned into a booming advertising outlet for businesses and bloggers alike. Anyone can use Pinterest and while you can easily pin your company’s products and pictures to numerous boards, there is a lot more to Pinterest [...]

How To Sky Rocket Conversions Through Images

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When it comes to online purchasing, the visuals you apply whether it be an Ecommerce store or service proposition will go a long way to dictating whether your customer proceeds or not. That means website owners have to work twice as hard at making their products, services and brands more attractive. One of the best ways [...]