How To Get More Facebook Likes

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

get more facebook likes

If you’re in the blogging business, you simply can’t ignore Facebook and today I’ll teach you my 5 strategies to get more Facebook likes, starting today.

1. Link With Other Page Managers

This is a great method to connect with other Page owners who are in a similar niche to you and therefore are receiving the type of traffic you are seeking. There might be opportunities for cross-promotion if you play it right.

For example, if you run a blog promoting mobile apps and you connect with another owner who specialised in mobile phone or gadget reviews, you could potentially use these synergies to run a combined giveaway. You could also discuss cross-promotion through Facebook and take turns sharing each others posts.

Below is a snapshot of an example where cross-promotion is used to target two sets of audiences.

get more facebook likes - co host webinar


2. Comment On High Activity Pages (thoughtfully)

Just like how you comment on other blogs, you should participate on other pages where your targeted readers are already engaged. Simply find other Facebook Pages in your industry and then Like them as your Page, then keep a lookout from your page home feed for any interesting conversations you can join.

A word of caution: remember to add value to the conversations and not just post for the sake of getting your name out there. If you provide a valid opinion, readers will be tempted to check out what your Page has to offer.

This process can take a bit of time but if you spare 10-15 minutes (2x week), this should be enough to build a presence.

get more facebook likes - engage in conversations


3. Run A Giveaway Contest

I’ve personally found that running a contest is a great quick method to get more Facebook Likes. If you’re looking or a solid platform to run a giveaway, give Rafflecopter a go. There is a free option to run a giveaway which I’d recommend you use to trial and then join one of their plans once you see the results.

See below for a recent giveaway I ran on my blog and the Facebook likes which the post received. I would highly recommend this strategy.

get more facebook likes from a giveaway

facebook post giveaway

4. Advertise your Facebook Page

There are a few ways to advertise on Facebook, and if you’re only starting out, I would recommend the sponsored story approach. This will promote your bog post to your current fans and to their friends which is great exposure.  More often than not, you will pick up quite a few likes if the post is interesting enough.

Sponsored posts are cheaper to run where you can set a maximum budget of $5 or $10 per promotion. If you are looking at running a proper advertisement campaign, these are quite easy to run (remember to be logged in as yourself, not your fan page) and follow the prompts as shown below.

Tip: Limit your daily budget so you can test how well it works before forking out a lot!

get more facebook likes through advertising


5. Add A Facebook Like Box To Your Site

If your website is based on WordPress, it should be a given that you have a Facebook Like box on your page. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, you can download the Facebook Social Plugin Widgets plugin and follow the prompts to have it sit on your sidebar for visitors to Like.

If your website is getting consistent traffic, the Facebook Like box can be the single most effective tool to convert these visitors to fans.

get more facebook likes - like box

So there you have it! There should be no reason for your page not to be getting more likes if you follow these easy strategies.

Check your Facebook Insights and check where the source of the likes are coming from. This will help determine which method is working best for you.

What about you? Are you using any different methods to get more Facebook likes? Please share your knowledge in the comments section below.


  1. hi Kapil. thanks for the info. i am also one of the bloggers who struggles to gain more facebook likes. never heard of webtrend. well at least it’s worth a try
    marilyn cada recently posted…9 Simple Guidelines for Building a SiteMy Profile

  2. This is a great post Kapil. I have recently started connecting with others in my niche and making comments on their pages, even sharing their content on my page. I have found this effective in gaining more likes. I think constant connection is the key!
    Catherine Holt recently posted…Valentines Day Beer PrintablesMy Profile

  3. Hi,
    Well I think your post must be relevant and informative so that it gets the attention of your viewers to view it for at least and also to like it. Adding a facebook like box to your site also helps to get more likes from your visitors more easily. Thanks for the share!!

  4. Hey Kapil,

    Those are pretty good suggestions about getting likes. I know I don’t do enough to get more on my business page but I do have a lot of conversations going on which to me is even better.

    I don’t post links on other people’s pages and I delete them from mine if someone does that to my page. I know that’s a great way to get your content seen but unless I have permission to do so, that’s just not cool.

    Your other suggestions are spot on and I’ve yet to run a contest. Heck, I’ve got so much other stuff I need to implement too. Great reminder though.

    Enjoyed your post and you enjoy your weekend.


  5. Well written. Running a give away is the best option. :)
    Zion Amal recently posted…Are you one of those Mighty Bloggers?My Profile

  6. Yes, I have found that thoughtful commenting while logged in as your page on other Facebook pages can increase the number of likes you get. This technique takes a while but it definitely works.

    It also helps if you have a good, clear and descriptive name for your page. That way, it will stand out among the comments and people will be still more likely to have a look at it.

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