Google Adsense: 5 Juicier Alternatives To Profit From

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Google Adsense is indeed the most prominent advertising network on the market but there are some useful alternatives to increase your revenue. I have picked out my top 5 and for some of you, these could be a better option altogether depending on how your site is set up and the niche you are involved in.

My top 5 alternatives to Google Adsense


clicksor - alternative to Google Adsense

Clicksor is a contextual advertising network which is flexible by offering rich media and inline in addition to the standard ad units.

Advantages of Clicksor

  • Minimal conditions for acceptance
  • Supports various ad formats including text banners, search boxes and graphic banner ads
  • Pay twice monthly
  • They pay via PayPal in addition to cheque. Minimum payouts begin at $50
  • Easy to use interface

Disadvantages of Clicksor

  • Reports of poor click through rates
  • When compared to other programs, Clicksor offers a lower payout
  • Requires heavy traffic to see the true benefit and they rarely accept websites with low traffic


2. AdBrite

adbrite - alternative to Google Adsense

Adbrite is perhaps the main competitor for Adsense given they have been around for such a long time. In terms of functionality, it is identical to Adsense. They have a total reach of 300 million visitors each month and of this figure, about half of them are from the US.

Advantages of AdBrite

  • Same format as Adsense (making it a very popular Adsense alternative)
  • Not as strict as Adsense for approval
  • No prerequisite to have a certain level of traffic for approval

Disadvantages of Adbrite

  • Advertisements are often not related to the information on your site. It seems like Adbrite favours YouTube videos on fat loss as these ads have a tendency to appear quite often. I suppose if your niche was health and fitness, this would be handy.
  • The payouts are generally lower than Adsense. This is still not a bad alternative as the smell to medium website owners who cannot get approved by Google can consider Adbrite.

3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser -- alternative to Google Adsense

BidVertiser is a contextual targeted ad network and works in a similar manner to Google Adsense, but with a lower pay out. If you plan to use them, make sure you aren’t running Google Adsense as you will get banned.

Advantages of Bidvertiser

  • You have control over the ads which are shown on your website as advertisers are forced to bid with each other to win the ad space.
  • Payouts start at $10 so there is an opportunity to cash in more regularly
  • The cost-per-click you receive is entirely dependent on the level of quality your website offers. As opposed to other networks, the cost-per-click is not subject to keywords, but only based on how popular your site is i.e. good content = popular.

Disadvantages of Bidvertiser

  • Most of the advertisers only target the US regions so if you are outside your earnings will be lower.
  • Until you have the right advertisers promoting on your site, you will receive general ads which means you will receive a very low earning per click.



chitika - alternative to google adsense

Chitika is an interesting alternative to the standard contextual advertising which some of the networks offer. If a visitor reaches your site from an organic search query, the ads they see will be correlated to the terms they entered in the search engine.  I like Chitika for this reason as you can maintain your regular viewers as they won’t see these ads but the casual visitor will.

Advantages of Chitika

  • Fast Payment which can be processed via PayPal
  • No limitation on the number of advertisements in a single page or post
  • Payouts start at $10 which would be beneficial for the smaller publishers
  • Offers a wide assortment of ad sizes including 550 x 336 and 550 x 90

Disadvantages of Chitika

  • A smaller set of advertisers compared to Adsense
  • Favours websites which receive traffic from US and Canada.

5. Infolinks

infolinks are a good alternative to google adsense

Infolinks is another contextual advertiser which aims to review your post or article and display ads and relevant keywords.

Advantages of Infolinks

  • More space on your blog because Infolinks uses in-text advertising and highlights the keywords in the post, you are left with additional space to put up more advertisements.
  • Infolinks can be run alongside Google Adsense or any other advertising network as it does not violate the terms and conditions.
  • Solid click through rate as the advertisements are in-text and not banners or ads.

Disadvantages of Infolinks

  • Low earnings if most of your audience is from outside of the US or Canada.
  • Cost per click is not high when comparing with Adsense, but this also depends on your market.
  • Poor content and non-matching keywords will generate, you guessed it, poor advertising links. With Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, it is almost a no brainer that you should be posting fresh unique content with the appropriate use of keywords so this is an easy fix.

While I believe these are the 5 best solutions when searching for an advertising network, you need to consider the pros and cons before deciding. I love Google Adsense but if you are starting out or looking for additional forms of revenue, these are quality alternatives to consider.

If you have any other options which I have missed, please share them in our comments section.


  1. None of these ad programs have a a good cpc as adsense .. You can barely earn a few cents even with 2-3k traffic daily..None of these stand a chance against adsense
    Prateek recently posted…Sony Xperia ZL Release Date and SpecificationsMy Profile

    • Interesting views Prateek. While most of these networks generally offer a lower cpc, they are still viable alternatives for many who cannot obtain approval from Google into their Adsense program
      Kapil recently posted…nullMy Profile

  2. I’ve used AdSence in the pass but don’t feel it a great it works for everyone. How ever I do use it for my YouTube channel and it works GREAT! each and every month generating a great income like clock work. Thanks so much for a great post.
    RobG recently posted…Increase Blog Comments, Gain More Traffic, Use The CommentLuv Plug-inMy Profile

  3. Thank you
    Certainly a great sites
    Google AdSense but remains on top
    Travel and Tourism recently posted…Bulgaria’s tourism and scenic natureMy Profile

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