Google+ vs Facebook in 2013

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Google+ is the latest social networking site in the web. Since Google created it, it is no wonder that there is high expectation for its success. Although the site is still gaining ground, those with Gmail account automatically has access.

Because of the large number of Gmail users, Google+ users also increased as soon as the site was launched. For over a year, engineers at Google have been sitting with their thinking hats on to improve the site. Today, the site is turning to third-party developers for assistance in its platform with the addition of Google+ Sign In.

Apparently, it has the mark of win-win platform that makes Google a popular tech giant. For software developers, there’s the opportunity for an app to skyrocket when linked with Google+. For individual users, the more people who are creating apps for the site and products, the better the site will be. It is not that hard to see why all this is beneficial for Google.

The company has expressed the idea on how software developers can begin and how could this be applicable. With Sign-In, Google can provide a social identity system to applications with the power to share two-way information.

But you may say that Facebook offers that already through Facebook Connect. This could be true but Google is providing several things that Facebook does not for the meantime. 

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1. Filtered Sharing

Google+ promises that it will not bombard your stream with too much clutter. Apparently, this is a direct hit against Facebook. For instance, Facebook collaborated with partners such as Spotify to allow users to share music easily. However, this has drawn privacy issues and complaints. None of this is an issue with Google+ Sign In system.

2. Mobile Edge

Unlike Facebook, Google has its own mobile OS, and the company makes use of this by designing a compatible OS with Android devices. As an example, if a user signs in with Google through a partner website it is possible to immediately install the apps required to their mobile device. This is just one of the many ways Google can make experiences easy on mobile advantage with its own operating system.

3. Interactive Posts

Google also introduced an innovation called call-to-action buttons that constantly excited the imagination of software developers. Facebook does not offer this yet, but Google+ allows partner sites to display content with a simple interactive button such as Watch, Buy, Record, Invite, Chat, Install, View, Check Out, Bookmark, Add to Calendar, and many more. You can let your imagination run wild. As a matter of fact, Google has introduced a list of possible buttons that websites can use. It is also very apparent that Google is still in the works for more. While on Facebook, you can Like and Share. There have been talks about more buttons to come, but until now, this is still not visible. 

4. Google Support Products

Certainly, a great advantage of Google+ over Facebook is the range of support products – Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, Maps, Earth, Search and just recently introduced Google Keep which will be a solid competitor to Evernote. It provides the potential to use these products hand in hand with Google+ Sign In. For example, while searching the web using Google Search Engine, and you have stumbled an upcoming concert, you can easily add it to your Google Calendar. To put it simply, an easy signing system will bring you to a simple Google environment to other services according to your preferences and needs.

Conversely, Facebook has one thing that Google still cannot offer. It’s the Social Demographics through the billions of data from around the world. Still, Google+ Sign In is a big leap for the web company and its potential success. A quick review at how partner sites are using Sign-In offers a glance at what we could enjoy in the future. 


  1. The greatest benefit is for bloggers. With author rank gaining more and more popularity it’s high time we start milking google plus for all its worth
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  2. Well, I prefer Google Plus because Google Plus is sincrhonized by another Google Account such as Blogger, Youtube, and Picasa.

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