How to Add Google Adsense to Your Blog or Website and Make money from ads on your website – Part 2

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Getting Started

If you already have a blog or a website, you can immediately apply to AdSense. If not, start your website now. These things take time to get into full swing, and you should not wait till you’re desperately in need of money before starting.


  1. When your site is fully functional, apply to Google AdSense.Google will then send you an email to verify your email address. Follow the instructions in that message (which is basically to click a link). Once you do that, your application will be sent to the Google AdSense team, one of whom will pop by your website to review it. Don’t hold your breadth though, it may take a couple of days before they get around to your site. During this time, if your site is a blog, continue to post to it as per normal.
  2. Configure Your Ads

    Once your account is approved, you can log into your account to get the necessary HTML code to paste into your blog or web page. The code can be found in the “AdSense Setup” tab. There are a number of options, but the code for the context-sensitive advertisements can be located under the “AdSense for Content” link. You’ll be able to customize the appearance of the advertisements, choose between text advertisements, image ads or a mixture of both. Once you have finished configuring, you will be given some HTML code which you can cut and paste into your site.

    There are other types of adverts beside the context-sensitve ads. “AdSense for Search” provides you with a Google search box that you can place on your site. When your visitors search through that box, and click an advertisement, it will be as though they had clicked an ad on your site. “Referrals” provide you with ads for specific products.

  3. Pasting the Google AdSense Code onto Your Blog or Web Page

    Make sure that when you insert the code into your site, you insert it as HTML.

    If you run a blog, you may want to paste the code into your blog’s template instead of individually stuffing it into every post you make. For blogs hosted on Blogger, one of the free blogging services listed on the Free Blog Hosts page, you can use my tutorial on How to Insert Google AdSense Advertisements in a Blogger Blog to help you insert your advert.

  4. Entering Your PIN into the Google Site

    When your earnings reach a certain amount (it was US $10 the last time I checked) for the first time, Google will send you a card by snail mail (ordinary paper mail) with a series of characters printed on it. You will need to log into your AdSense account and enter this series of characters, the PIN, before they will send you any payments. It takes a while before this card is sent (a few weeks after you reach the threshold amount they define, depending on where you live), so just wait for it. You will only have to do this once in the life of the account.

Cautionary Notes: Things to Look Out For

  1. Never Click Your Own Google Ads

    One of the things you must always remember is never click your own Google ads, even if it is to find out whether the site linked to is acceptable for your website’s audience. Since (at this time) Google pays AdSense for Content ads according to the number of clicks, clicking your own ads is regarded as fraud, and will, at the very least, get you kicked out of the AdSense program.

    Although Google doesn’t say this, if you are showing off your blog or website to your family members, make sure they do not click any of your advertisements either. This is the case even if they are genuinely interested in the products advertised. They can always look for it by name in a search engine later if they wish, but for anyone living in your own household, any Google advert on your site is strictly off limits. The reason for this is that clicks from your household will look exactly like clicks from you.

  2. Don’t Expect a Fortune Unless You Have Traffic

    Those who have read my article on How to Increase Your Website Revenue from Affiliate Programs will probably know that if you are just starting out with your site, you probably won’t be able to make a fortune from your ads unless you have enough people visiting your website. This only comes after you have done some serious website promotion or advertising.

    Be realistic: remember that even if someone clicks your ads, you may just get a cent or two from that click, assuming that Google doesn’t discount that click for some reason. In addition, only a very miniscule percentage of your visitors will actually click ads. Put those factors together and you can roughly guess how much you are going to make if you only have a few visitors per day.

  3. Don’t Put Ads if You’re Selling Something

    If you can, try not to put Google AdSense ads or, in fact, any advertisements at all, if you are trying to sell a product or service on your website. There are a couple of reasons for this:

    1. You may be inadvertently advertising for your competitors. You cannot predict what sort of ads are going to pop up in the AdSense code for your site. What you see when you load your site may not necessarily be what your visitors see. If a competitor places an ad that Google finds relevant for your page (and it surely will, if Google’s context-sensitive engine works correctly), then their ad will appear on your page. You may thus lose sales to that competitor as a result of the ads.
    2. Ads distract your visitors from the real focus of your site. You want your users to read your sales copy, and not be clicking on links to go to some other site even if those links do not lead to your competitors.

I hope you enjoyed our How to Add Google Adsense to Your Blog or Website and Make money from ads on your website  series. With this article I am concluding the how to guide for you. I hope it has helped you a lot. If you have any question please ask by commenting. Give me any opinion to write better content for you. Constructive criticism also appreciated.


  1. This was a very informative post and it’s a perfect example of not only taking someone through step-by-step but also proving some thought provoking information. People generally think that they need to get their blog up and monetize immediately, but they need to remember, slow and steady wins the race.

    I especially liked the part about not placing ads if you’re selling a service. This would be a huge mistake if you were offering say, software, but your competitors were getting advertised for you!

    Great post!
    Michael Perrenoud recently posted…Slow and Steady Wins The RaceMy Profile

  2. Thanks For Sharing the Information :) This will be really useful for those u have adsense accounts :)
    Srikanth recently posted…Dell Inspiron 15z ultrabook launched for Rs 41,990My Profile

  3. I use adsense and in your article I found some interesting advice.

    I like this article because you explain things that will help beginners!
    sandi recently posted…Drunk pilot, AgainMy Profile

  4. nice tips Kapil. I remember when I got my adsense then even after earning 10 USD I didn’t get my pin and I tried 3 times but didn’t receive. Then I used the alternate option and sent them the address proof’s screenshot as attachment and it got verified. :)
    Atish recently posted…CouponzGuru – Saving Shoppers MoneyMy Profile

  5. Hey Mizanur thanks for sharing your thoughts. actually i just got adsense account approved but not able to attract audience to click on my ads…what should i do?

    • Hi Vibhor – getting the right click through rates for your ads depend on a number of factors such as the theme you use, positioning of ads, the content you product. How long ago was it approved? It does take time before the numbers go up…it personally took me 3 odd months before I started to see positive results. Hang in there mate.
      Kapil recently posted…5 Resources To Help Create Killer InfographicsMy Profile

  6. I tried adsense for a while, but found it was really being ignored by my readers and I fear perhaps annoying them. So if I am going to feature something potentially annoying I think I want it to pay a bit better. So far, not much success. Do you earn much with adsense?
    Ashley recently posted…TweetAdder Review – Find More Twitter FollowersMy Profile

    • Jason Mowen says:

      Hey Ashley,
      I’d have to agree with you on Adsense. I was all for it a few months ago but then I’ve seen numerous websites which have just had their campaigns banned for no obvious reason. Kapil used to run Adsense earlier in the year but had it removed. I think for the few dollars it does earn you per day, you’re better off selling a product or service and earning an income the ‘old fashioned’ way. Good to hear from you Ashley.

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