How To Add The Start Menu to Windows 8

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How To Add The Start Menu to Windows 8: A Closer Look At Some Options

How to add the start menu to Windows 8 - replacement menu


For a number of users, they wouldn’t change a thing about Windows 8 (well maybe that’s a lie) – if there is one thing they miss, it is the start button. Today I’ll discuss how to add start menu to Windows 8.

Before we go into our recommendations, I will admit that I like the new Live Tiles feature in the Start Menu, especially for staying ahead with calendar appointments or tracking your new e-mails. Windows 8 is even capable of searching for applications and files with their revitalised search facility, however it still doesn’t beat the original Start Menu when working with your desktop.

For those looking to recapture the classic feel of Windows, I’ve taken the time to review what I believe are the best, cost-effective solutions out in the market to restore the Windows Start Menu.

1. ViStart

ViStart is probably the number one option out on the market and believe me, there are a tonne of options available. The big plus with ViStart is that it brings back the classis Windows 7 look including all shortcuts and folders on the left side.  Everyone who is familiar with Windows is used to having it this way which is why I’ve kicked off by recommending ViStart.

How to add the start menu to Windows 8 - ViStartViStart’s interface has the search button located at the bottom which is just how Windows users have liked it for the past 20 years. The standard options to Logoff, Shutdown and Restart have been included and if you really despise the new Windows 8 start menu, well you can completely skip it if you run ViStart.

While ViStart is a positive for me, I will add a caveat as there are a few issues which should be disclosed. Firstly, there is no capability of customising the Start Menu and the other weird thing is that if you right-click on a folder….nothing happens!

But if you look past these minor faults, it’s easy to say that ViStart is a great way to restore the classic start menu and did I mention it’s free?

To Download ViStart – Click here




2. Classic Shell

Classic Shell is great, free and because it is open-source, it provides you with options as to whether you want the classic Windows 98, Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 start menu.

The start menu collates what you would anticipate from a Windows 7 Start Menu alternative. If you’re looking for common shortcuts, they are all there (settings, programs, documents). I noticed even the ‘Run’ command was present but I’d leave this for the real tech users.

One of the great things about Classic Shell is that it rejoins the Start Key thus enabling the Start Menu to appear as opposed to the revamped Metro Start Screen. If you select the start key from the new metro, it will actually revert to Classic Shell which I found none of the other menu replacements could do.

Note: If you intend to load Classic Shell, just be mindful that this isn’t just a menu replacement so just be cautious as you could end up with the Classic versions of Explorer and Internet explorer.

To Download Classic Shell, Click Here

How to add the start menu to Windows 8

3. Pokki

So I’ve saved the wildcard for last.. We just talked about Classic Shell and how it brings back the Windows of old but sometimes New just feels better and this is exactly what Pokki (free) does! I have always been fond of the Windows 7 menu, however, Pokki just brings that ‘X factor’ to the table.

The big difference with Pokki is that it brings a new ‘pinning’ concept which is different to the home screen of a smart phone or tablet. Pokki allows you to  include widgets (examples include Facebook or Gmail) with the ability to show your most recent email or status update.

Pokki’s default nature will automatically boot your Windows 8 operating system directly to your desktop (not to forget, there is also the functionality to remove the hot corners if you want)

To Download Pokki, Click Here











So there they are – 3 useful, cheap options to teach you how to add the start menu to Windows 8. If you find any better alternatives simply comment below and share it with our readers.


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