How to guides: Hide Affiliate links in WordPress using Gocodes WordPress Plugin

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There are hundreds of plugins for WordPress available in the web which offers great ways to hide our affiliate links and make them look pretty.  But most of them are crappy or very difficult to integrate. In today’s post, I am going to introduce a great WordPress plugins named  “Gocodes WordPress plugin”  which offers the most easiest way to accomplish this very important tasks. Besides, by hiding  (cloaking) the links,  it also helps you to keep your blog(s) clean and legit to the search engine providing white hat SEO support.  Moreover, it also counts the no. of hits to a particular affiliate links at a given time or lifetime.

If you want to make yourself a full-time blogger then you can’t just rely on PPC advertisement network or CPM based advertising networks. You have to find the best affiliate products to promote through your blogs which can offer you lots of revenue. But the main disadvantage with affiliate products or networks is , it has a very  much spam type of url which most user sometime thinks  as you are tracking them badly or doing malicious activities to their computer. But the case is not that – you know that , we know that but our readers not. But first impression last forever!  So it would be nicer to have clean url for users. That’s why cloaking is the best way to win faith and turning that belief into real cash-flow.

So, here  now we find the necessity of url cloaking plugins if we are using CMS like WordPress. But most plugins are very complex – need attention and knowledge of critical .htaccess file processing. So we were searching to have one plugins which offers all the features yet easier to use. Here we go! With GoCodes its possible.

You can download Gocodes from here.

I am also interested to guide you through how to use this plugins. Let us begin:

How to use Gocodes WordPress plugin?

There are many reasons for which you will use this plugin but I would like to mention 2 major one:

  1. Make ugly affiliate links look pretty
  2. Helps in maintaining SEO of your site

Now, if you are are a  affiliate blogger who earns or wants to earn  a lot with affliation, then you can make most of it by using this plugins. Now, Here I am going to share a step by step setup guide for you. If you get a plugin better than this one please do let me know by commenting. So let’s get started:

  • Download the from WordPress repository here plugin
  • Unzip and upload the wordpress plugin into your wordpress plugins folder. You can even install through the dashboard without unzipping too.
  • Activate the plugin from plugin folder under wordpress plugin option.
  •  Navigate to Settings >Gocodes Settings and change the default /go/ code to some thing like recommended or Offer.

You can use any URL trigger, but always use such words like (Recommended, Offer), which makes your link look better.


Gocodes WordPress Plugin setting

Make sure nofollow box is checked. Nofollow tag will stop passing on the link juice to your affiliate links. Which will prevent search engine to re-index this link as your site link again and again which will help to have better SEO. I also recommend you to edit your WordPress robots.txt file and add your “URL trigger“, as disallow. What will happen is if you edit the robots.txt file in this way then, with this trigger all the link would be skipped by search engines.

You have to be aware of the fact that, too many affiliate links can bring negative search engine impact which will affets your search engine page rank, but Gocodes WordPress plugin makes this easy, as your links will be under your domain and with default Nofollow attributes.

Now, this was set up part. And now let us see how we can convert links into Gocodes link:

Under your WordPress dashboard,  Navigate to Tools> Gocodes


Final output :

There is an option in Gocodes WordPress plugin, which will let you count hits on your affiliate cloaked URL’s. By default, it is not checked so you have to check it manually every time you create a link. Monitoring your link stats, will help you to analyze the effective-ness of your promotion.

Gocodes is one of the best WordPress plugin to add affiliate links in WordPress without devaluing SEO link. It makes ugly links look pretty. We hope you have enjoyed this posts. Hope to see you soon. Do let us know which WordPress plugin do you use to cloak your affiliate URL? Plus what your experience after using this plugins.


  1. Gocodes is one of my favourite wordpress plugin to my affiliate links. I have been using this plugin for last three years. Thanks for sharing.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted…5 Tips for Hiring Virtual Workers for Your ProjectMy Profile

  2. You are right. People are afraid to click on those long and spam like URLs.
    So far I wasn’t aware about this free plugin. But after reading this post, I will surely give it a try.
    Ajay recently posted…Ubuntu Mobile OSMy Profile

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