How to Optimize Your Google Plus Business Page

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Though it is yet to touch the heights of Facebook, there is no doubt that Google Plus is rapidly growing as an online community. Millions of users across the world access Google Plus every day and hence, if you don’t have Google Plus business page already, you are missing out on an opportunity to make your business more visible. Not only that the brand image can be promoted, you can market new products and develop importance contacts as well, just by featuring in various circles.

Now, if you have created a Google Plus business page, the next important step is to optimise the same to gain the first few coveted spots in the search engines and thereby generate quality leads:

Develop Circles 

The business page has to be appealing so that members add the same to their respective circles and help in popularizing it. If you have a blog in association with the business website, make sure to share all the articles in your business page. The design of the page should be neat and attractive enough. If you already have a following in some other social networking sites, you can simply ask the current followers to join you in Google Plus as well. If not, let your website visitors know about your Google Plus business page (You can put badges on the website for this purpose). If they find it interesting enough, they will add your page in their circles.

Remember, if it’s a business page, you can add other business pages related to your business in your circle. This is considered as a useful method to get some valuable contacts in your industry and makes a way to provide your business more exposure

Provide Links to Your Business Website

Once you create the page, you will see a Recommended Links section at the right side. For forwarding visitors to your business website, add the relevant link over there. You can add multiple links and as all these are do-follow ones, you can take advantage of that. However, don’t misuse this feature and spam your business page with numerous links.

Have Great Images

Depending on your business, you can share high quality images of new products or even of the latest charts. If it’s good enough, people will talk about the same and thereby it will get shared by a lot of people. A good idea is to go to the stock image sites and purchase some bundles of images in bulk. It is a proven fact that images have a better impact on minds of people in comparison with plain text and hence, you must make the most of those.

optimize google plus business page

Every +1 Matters

Do whatever you can to increase the +1 count. After all, these play a huge role in increasing the visibility and search engine position of your Google Plus business page. You can start to give other profiles or pages +1s and hope that they will return the favor. If you stay within limits, you can even buy a few +1s. However, if you take the buying route, never overdo stuff as you may get penalized in that case. For example, if you have a new business page, you can buy +1s of around 1000. Now, you cannot have all of these coming on a single day. Rather, drip feed and make sure to have only around 20-30s each day. This will make things look more natural.

Google Plus is getting bigger with each passing day and there is no reason why you should not take advantage of the same. Promote your Google Plus business page, make it noticed by your intended customers and enjoy raking in profits. If you have already optimized your Google Plus business page, don’t forget to share your success story with all through the comments. If you have failed in doing so, even then share what you did. I’ll love to help you out and point the exact mistakes you made.

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