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I’m quite excited to write about today’s topic which happens to focus on Twitter..the last time I touched on this platform was my post on how to automate twitter messaging. which hopefully helped many of you.  

Now the very first thing that enticed me to use JustRetweet is the simplicity of the site. Basically, the website provides an easy avenue to search for interesting stuff that you can retweet with just one click or tap.

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How To Join JustRetweet

Now you can ease yourself of the pain of thinking what valuable material you should feed your followers. All you need to do is to visit the website and follow three easy steps to join.

1. Sign up and link your Twitter account (you can get 100 credits for this)

2. Search for a tweet that you want to retweet to your followers (use your earned credits)

3. Retweet stuff from other user (you can earn more credits for this)

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With its credit-based commodity, JustRetweet has its own online economy. You will earn credits for retweeting other users’ tweets and you can give credits so that your tweets will be retweeted in return. You can ditch the need to join a certain group. Plus, you only tweet what you want to tweet.

Because part of the objective of JustRetweet is sharing your thoughts, then it is ideal to start by completing your profile. You can access the setting tab that will direct you to a section with varied sub-tabs.  Here you can fill out information such as email, location, age, gender, hobbies, interests, groups, etc. On the other hand, the Twitter tab indicates the status of your profile, how many credits you have, and how many users you have followed since you have signed up. 

The retweet tab in the profile allows you to easily manage the tweets that you want other users to retweet and say how many credits you want to spend. You can also indicate that users must have restricted number of followers before they can retweet your stuff.

If you want to add your websites or affiliated links, you can do so with the website tab. I find this helpful since I can easily provide an overview for my followers who want to earn credits. You must indicate the title, description, link, and credits for each view. This is also similar to the blogs tab where you can add your blog feed and customize settings so that your posts are instantly linked into the site for users to retweet if they want to.

On the dashboard, you can also access the history tab that shows the credits you have earned and allocated so far. This is basically a general overview of your activities on the site.

Watch JustRetweet In Action

Check out this excellent overview of JustRetweet by Courage Coach,  Patricia Weber

How To Earn Credits With JustRetweet

Earning credits with JustRetweet is easy.

When you have already spent your base credits on the sites, then you need to earn credits again through the following means:

○       visiting a site (usually you need to stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute)

○       following other users of the site (you can earn 2 to 10 credits)

○       recommending the site to other Twitter users (earn 25 credits)

○       sending a tweet (in varied credits – 25 or more)

Whenever I log in, I instantly see my credits in the blue box on the dashboard. I also find it very user-friendly since you can easily see a stream of tweets that you can retweet. You can even ignore the tweets that are not relevant for your campaign, retweet instantly or delay the action so you will avoid flooding your stream.

Once you have taken a glimpse of the stream, you can refresh and view more tweets. It is best to always read the posts before you click the retweet button. However, for sites that I give my 100% trust, I just retweet their stuff.

For me, there are still several things that will improve the features of JustRetweet. For example, it will be helpful if the site provides a scheduling setup so you can retweet stuff from your trusted blogs or sites.

How many of you are using JustRetweet? Whether you’re just trying to build your Twitter fan base or trying to reach a wider audience, I highly recommend giving this platform a go and I should also point out that it’s a good way to network with peers both inside and outside your niche. 

Get started with JustRetweet today!


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