LinkedIn Search Is Now Smarter Than Before

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LinkedIn have just released their latest search stats which show that approximately 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches were conducted in 2012 on this platform. The number probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as every day more and more professionals are connecting with each other through LinkedIn search.

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Today, LinkedIn have released news that their search function is getting smarter and more streamlined than ever before. The search experience has been unified so there is no need to search for people, companies or jobs on an individual basis. 

How does LinkedIn Search Work Now?

All you are required to do is type in what you’re seeking in the search box and you’ll be presented with a list of results which collates data from all of LinkedIn (jobs, groups, people and companies).

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Other New Features

LinkedIn have also included the following key features to make the search experience even better:

  • Auto-complete: The stronger algorithms developed by LinkedIn will help to better guess what it is you are looking to find. As you type your search term you will be presented with a few options as to what you are looking for, and the more you search, the better LinkedIn will get as it learns from your past browsing and searching activity to create an increasingly customised set of auto-completing terms. 
  • Suggested searches: The suggested searches facility now allows you to search for terms like ‘research manager’ and receive a set of results relating to individuals or jobs relating to research manager as a preview to better help you choose what it is you’re looking for. 
  • Automated alerts: This will be a great time saver for a lot of people as when you save your searches, LinkedIn will provide an alert if any of the results have changed with respect to the search results since the last time you ran this query. 

 Is This LinkedIn’s Reply To Graph Search?

Brad Mauney (Product Lead – LinkedIn) drew a parallel between the new Facebook Graph Search and what LinkedIn has generally always tried to provide. He provided the following comments “LinkedIn has always been focused on you and your network in terms of how results get surfaced”. “It’s always been a function of your connections and your connections’ connections”. 

Mauney understands that Graph Search has made LinkedIn realize that they too need to lift their game. He adds “We’re excited to see the industry shift because it changes a particular user’s mindset. It’s not just about a seamless search box on Google but it’s about using the power of one’s network to search for relevant and professional network results”. 

Is The New LinkedIn Search Available On Mobile?

Unfortunately not. The mobile piece is missing with the new upgrade (both search and results from the wider web), unless one of your network members has shared information into LinkedIn. 

The app is somewhat disappointing as it only allows you to search for people but not within other categories and their head office only says ‘mobile is something we are looking into’ when asked the question on future developments. 

The overall result of this search change is to improve the discovery within LinkedIn itself, and as a result, we can’t be sure whether LinkedIn has any intentions of extending the search into web results. LinkedIn now needs to focus its attention on the upgraded search, regardless of whether LinkedIn offers more web content directly or via a 3rd party platform such as Pulse’s news aggregation, content is the one area LinkedIn has to keep investing time and money in so that the search gains better attractiveness, as opposed to just being the platform individuals head to in search for their next career opportunity. 

Check out the below slideshare presentation which shows how the new LinkedIn search works.


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