Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnail for WordPress that also Earns!

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Related post plugins is an attractive way to market articles to your audience and it will help you to increase your page-views. When visitors visit your blog and find a post interesting and useful then they  might want to read other posts related on that topic. So it would be a good idea to show some posts related with the posts they are currently reading in your blog.

We have tested lots of plugins and have chosen the Best One’s for you which will not only generate related posts but also gonna boost your blog by driving traffic and also returning you some money by showing some paid advertisements! These plugins will also help you to decrease your bounce rate, i.e, will keep your visitors in your website. Most importantly, it will make good internal linking on your website.

Here is the Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnail for WordPress that also Earns for you. Check anyone you like or give a try to everyone of them ;)

Nrelate Related Content

Nrelate is very cool and our best choice! Easy to configure. You can choose the style to fit your blog to show related posts in your blog. Even you can earn revenue from Advertising. You can choose which categories to be shown and which to be excluded. You can select option to show below the post or top or anywhere by using a piece of code. There is also another plugin from nrelate knows as nrelate flyout. It also helps you to monetize your blog by showing some related posts from some blogs who want to pay you some bucks for your advertisement. Nrelate also provides blogger the best way to monetize their blogs by showing same niche articles from other website with exactly related content and offer good payout. You can check this plugins earning options here by registering.



It is also slightly the same as nrelate plugin. However, we don’t have many options for customization for this. To install, you have to visit and follow the instruction there. It’s a suitable solution for blogger who just started blogging with WordPress as the blogging platform and don’t want to go to the hassle of maintaining complex settings. You can change your mind anytime to switch to other plugins option which offer more configuration at any given time of your blogging career.

Simple Reach Plugin


The Slide by SimpleReach is the best way to help readers discover more of your content. It is by far a cool related post plugin. The only hassle associated with it is that the registration process is a little bit tricky. But the registration process is worth it as you will also get social share button integrated with it. Actually your put your email address in the simplereach website and then you are done! They will contact you when your plugins is ready to use in your site.

I hope you enjoyed this plugins listed here so much. Now its time to test those. So just pickup your mouse and click on the proper plugins install button. Until my next article Adios. Don’t forget to comment about your thoughts about this article and let us know if you know something more interesting.


  1. Cheers for this Kapil,

    I often wondered what the Slide plugin was all about. Now I know I may have to install it on my own blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

    John Banks recently posted…Importance Of Time Management & 4 Tools To Help You With ItMy Profile

  2. Great post, we use the Slide plugin by Simple Reach and I really like it, I have never thought of using a sliding plugin as a way to promote other peoples posts or adverts for money. How much you could charge for that or how responsive the method would be I don’t know but it does sound like a really good new way of advertising to overcome banner blindness.

    You have got me thinking now… thanks Mizanur and thanks Kapil for bringing this post to my attention…
    Andi Leeman recently posted…Email Marketing Tips, Advice and List Management.My Profile

  3. Nice post Mizanur!

    These are some great related post plugins for people to use on their site. Interestingly, Disqus recently introduced a related posts feature (called Discovery Box) that lets you earn from when people click onto other people’s posts. It’s still fairly new, but it’s making me a bit of money via my comments section each month.
    Matt Smith recently posted…Next Generation Web Design Trends 2013My Profile

  4. I’ve been toying with adding this kind of plugin to my page for a while now. Seeing others commenting on Slide especially makes me think now that I need to install something like this and pronto :)

    All boils down to the age old story of making things easy for people to find things – and this will do that, as people (i’m talking from own experience here) don’t have time to trawl through archives looking for related posts – so this simplifies it.

    Thanks for sharing this post and bringing this back to the forefront of my attention


  5. nrelate is my all time fav & it has many style but linkwithin loads faster than nrelate . both are equally good
    TechGopal recently posted…How To Install Tasm On Win 8/ Win 7 64bit ?My Profile

  6. This is what I was looking for. Just right now registered with nrelate. How much you are getting from the affiliate program though?

  7. Hi Mizanur,

    I very much enjoyed reading the article. I finally have nrelate set up on my site. I used a similar plugin which unfortunately was not kept up to date and I had some issues with it.

    Nrelate kind of saved me. I was not aware of the nrelate flyout. Thanks for mentioning it. I will have to check that one out.


    Dita from BloggingSpree recently posted…How To Make Columns In A Post Using Free Ultimate TinyMCE PluginMy Profile

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