Why Not Having These 3 iPhone Business Apps is Costing You Money

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There are a number of iOS apps which help to make our lives easier and today I’ll turn my attention to 3 iPhone business apps which your business should be considering for better productivity and results. If you’re an Android lover, check out my Android Apps for Busy Professionals post from last month.


There are a number of Getting Things Done (GTD) which have flooded the market and some are very basic and some provide all the bells and whistles, and OmniFocus for the iPhone is definitely the latter.

So How Is OmniFocus the Ultimate Solution?

Firstly, OmniFocus provides a literal translation of the Getting Things Done (GTD) system. We have the inbox to store any thoughts you have before processing them and there are folders for projects and these can have times assigned to them – stock standard right? Well this is where it gets interesting, because where OmniFocus stands out is in its ability to deliver more than the basics such as the following features:

Forecast – This feature allows you to see how many tasks you have established for a future date thus allowing you to plan yourself and stay ahead of the game. If you know your Thursday is going to be jam packed, you can position yourself so that a number of these items can be finished off earlier. 

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In Depth Functionality – Another component worth mentioning about OmniFocus is the ability to add a location to a task. Once you select the Map button, you have the option of dropping the pin on their your location or a different spot on the map. Then you simply assign the pin to a specific context and you’re done. This allows you to scan through the map and determine which tasks you have based on location.

Key Points on OmniFocus

  • Price: $20.99
  • Receive notifications when a process is due or when you are approaching a specific set of tasks
  • If you speak to Siri, it can go straight to your OmniFocus mailbox
  • OmniFocus has a free Synchronize Hosting server which can allow you to connect your tasks with other duplicates of OmniFocus
  • Very easy to make a new process within the app or you can deliver tasks from external applications such as Twittelator and Opera.
  • Ability to plan your daily tasks by observing them on a map.



Podio is hands down the most effective platform to collaborate with your team members from anywhere, and it’s FREE! You can create your own procedures and workflow systems and use them both on your iPhone and iPad. 

podio iphone


What Makes Podio So Complete?

  • Real Time Alerts: System-Wide notification system which presents you with a pop-up all in real time. If you click on the alert you will be taken directly to that piece of information. Podio also offers streaming notifications like the web version of Twitter which avoids the need to refresh your screen to bring up any new items.
  • 3rd Party Integration: This is where Podio really starts to shine, especially because the app supports a number of third-party clients including the big cloud-storage services such as Dropbox and Box.net. The integration with these apps allow you to access and share any files or folders in these cloud storage platforms directly from within Podio. There is also support for Evernote and there is also integration with Google Drive, Zendesk, GoToMeeting and Freshbooks.  

 Summary of Podio

  • Price: Free
  • Smart Mailbox & Connections – Stay in the cycle with force announcements and personal texting which is integrated with your own phone directory.
  • Workspaces – Bring your team together and work with them from anywhere in the world.
  • Tasks – Podio allows you to handle just about every business process which helps to preserve your time.
  • Podio Applications – A number of free apps are available to handle your projects, job applications, prospects and more. 



Teambox is a friendly collaboration tool which incorporates a number of key elements of project management. By keeping things simple they focus more on doing things well.

teambox iphone

Teambox works well for collaborative projects and provides a robust yet easy interface for creating new project umbrellas and including up to 5 team members into the loop with the free account (you can add more than 5 at a small cost)

Why Choose Teambox

  • Easy to allocate tasks – Once you establish a project folder, it becomes simple to allocate tasks, milestones, permissions, time tracking and a number of other options to monitor what your team is doing. As mentioned earlier, all this is achieved with a pleasingly simple interface that requires a few check boxes to work.
  • Keep your team updated- Teambox also makes it very easy to keep your team up to date with full Google Calendar and Google Docs integration and it also integrates with Dropbox.  

Summary of Teambox

  • Cost: Free (up to 5 users)
  • 100% free reasoning sync.
  • File sharing
  • Email is integrated so project members can respond easily with each other
  • Task management: Ability to allocate individually plus due schedules and more
  • Social Collaboration: You can communicate in a Facebook-like environment
  • Teambox is available on web and other platforms also.
  • Ability to share your whiteboard with alerts/notices to the rest of your team.


  1. Hello Kapil, even before commenting about the article, i would like to comment about the design of the blog. I am simply loving it. Its so much better than last time i visited your blog.
    Now for the article, i will surely installing these apps as soon as i get myself iPhone. Currently i m an Android Boy.
    Good luck.

  2. The apps are pretty useful but I am neither an apple boy nor an Android robo, I still love my nokia and I am not ashamed of that
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