Windows 8, iOS 6 and Android 4.1 – Full Comparsion

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If have a look at the smartphone world, the most dominating  OS that we find is Android but the other OS like Windows 8 and iOS 6 are also making their presence in the market. These OS make just mobiles the so called smartphones to ensure the best productivity to make our life simpler. With these smartphones we can actually carry out those tasks which are unimaginable and this happens dues these awesome GUI’s.

In the last few months these three OS giants have launched the latest versions which ship with the latest respective devices. The new iPhone 5 carries the iOS 6, Galaxy S3 comes with Android Jelly Bean and Lumia 920 is shipped with Windows 8. So the Windows 8Android 4.1  and the iOS 6 come out to be the mobile OS giants, here in this article we talk about features, working and comparison of these three smartphones



The Graphic User Interfaces :

User Interface is the most decisive factor in the working and success factor of any OS. The more easy, lucid and the fluidic OS become popular between the users.

Android comes with a great lucidity and ease for the users, the widgets, apps are easily customizable and can accessed anywhere user requires. The new windows 8 launched by the Microsoft is basically is build for the Tablets and smartphones  and built around the tiles which are  flashy, unique and efficient by which users can easily access their content. These tiles can be accessed pressing the start button.

The iOS  6 has not acquired the great change in it’s grid view of the icons and it goes  with traditional view, it can be blamed of the lack of innovation or but the usage has become for easy.

Browser :

Browsers are the important part of anyone using smartphones, there tons of different types of browsers that can be used with each of these platforms but basically the Android comes with a Android Browser, iOS 6 with Safari and Windows 8 with IE 10.

The Windows 8 IE 10 browser has special feature so it can protect your device from any malware and has also got quite better comparing with it’s predecessors. The Android browser and Safari have a feature to save the html pages so you can even read them when lack the internet connectivity.

Near-Field Communication Technology :

The NFC technology remained the topic of discussion for quite a long time, but now the multi-feature NFC technology is transformed into the mobile operating system.

NFC enabled Microsoft wallet is the fast and secure way of making payments through your advanced handheld device. Through Microsoft wallet you will be able to make payments, store payment instructions and manage your personal finances etc.

Maps or GPS :

The iOS 6 uses the Google maps for mapping, accompanied by the crowd-sourced that can help you locate the traffic jams easily and divert your way. On the Contrary the Windows 8 uses the Nokia mapping system, with this you can view the streets 3D by the help of Nokia Navteq Traffic service. Android 4.1 also uses the Google mapping service for its GPS and other map services.

Now with the launch of Windows 8 for smartphones, many of the users have become quite reliant to it as this platform can be used on all their devices including laptops, Tablets and smartphones thus making the handling and operation quite easy and convenient.

Most of you reading the article would be the users of atleast one or more than one these OS, so pls do share your views with us on post via your comments.

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  1. Hail Windows!
    iOS sucks to the core. Android is good, but Windows’ UI is way better!

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