Windows 8 Phones Price and Release Date India

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Windows 8 is ready to be released in the month of October but the much awaited windows phones with Windows 8 will be released in the month of November around one month after the release date of Windows 8.  The new windows 8 phones will share the core code with the Windows 8.

New features in Windows phone : 

  • The new windows 8 phone will have the feature of Skydrive Consolidation  so that you data can be displayed in every microsoft platform.
  • Windows 8 phone will have Nokia mapping data which comes with developer access, directions in every turn and offline maps.
  • The new phones comes with pre-installed Internet explorer 10 which is a better compatible version.
  • These will include facilities like membership cards, Tap to Pay and Credit Cards so that you can easily pay using your mobile.
  • Microsoft has installed special features in the phone so that it can very easily directly communicate to Windows PC.
  • The new Windows 8 mobile users will have a whole new experience of camera as it uses new lens as well as other technologies.

Operating System in New windows Phones :  

Surely this would be appearing a bit ridiculous to you but the OS is much more than what you think just Windows 8. The upcoming windows phone will work on Windows kernel instead of Windows CE. About 100,000 apps will be compatible will windows 8 which are currently for Windows 7.5.

Windows 8 PC and Phone will be closely connected and can very easily exchange the data as both are components of “Windows Reimagined” . Windows 8 phone will extend much more hardware support than they presently offer.

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